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The Western High School
Alumni Association
Class Representatives

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Listed below are the current Western High School Alumni class representatives from the 1920s to the present. Class representatives are an invaluable asset to the continued successful operations and represent an excellent source of information for the school's alumni. For privacy reasons, we do not post phone numbers. To contact your class rep, please use the e-mail address above.

Our association is always in need of more class representatives. We need a minimum of 2 reps from each class and a maximum of 3. Contact the association for more information on becoming a class representative.


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1935  Miller, Margaret Fay PRICKETT(" Peggy")

1939 II BURR, Edward

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1940  TURNER, Arthur Frederick

1942  MULLIN, Eugene Frank ("Frank")

1943  Donohue, Lorraine SEEGRIST

1944  BROWN, Clarence Jay., Jr. ("Bud")

1944  STODDARD, Theodore Lothrop

1945  Boland, Mildred SPARKS

1945  MEYER, Edward Burton , Jr.

1946  LICHTY, Donald Herman

1949  WINGO, Walter S.

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1950 Garnier, Anne K. LOCKWOOD

1952 Mills, Maxine COLEMAN

1954 DAILY, John Thomas

1954 DAVIDSON, Thomas Marshall

1954 HANSON, Cyanne Bernice

1955 DIETZ, Stephen K. (Steve)

1955 Dommel, Nancy NATOLI

1955 Ryan, Morna CAMPBELL

1956 Davis, Ruth REDDEN

1957 Lombardi, Sharon PURKHISER

1958 Blackstone, Joan Frances WALSH

1959 Cannon, Linda Ann WARNER

1959 SCHAPER, Stanley Ervin

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1960 XAKELLIS, Theodore S.

1961 BROWN, Samuel Weldon

1961 GREEN, Saundra Lynn

1964 NEUGASS, Richard Leo

1965 WILLIAMS, Daphne Anne

1966 KEYS, George Randolph, Jr.

1966 Rawitz, Eleanor Elizabeth Wiggins MAHER

1967 Wongkongkatap, Linda CHIN-Lee

1968 Hannah, Deborah MOZON

1968 Thorpe, Cheryl JOHNSON

1969 ATKINS, Tyrone Andre

1969 Bevans, Karen NASH

1969 QUANTER, John Edward

1969 SUNDE, Cynthia

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1970 ACTY, Arnita Ann

1970 Leyes, Wendy PAXTON

1970 WAN, Delia Ti-Mei

1971 NICKENS, Gloria Catherine

1972 BLAND, Roland A.

1972 Goins, Francine SHORTER

1972 HAILSTORKS, Robin J.

1973 BREWER, Clara Lillian

1973 NEWBY, Reginald Louis

1974 Alliata, Donna Lynn SHIPP

1974 Benton, Nell Evelyn MATLOCK

1974 BIBBS, Sharon Patricia

1974 COBBLE, Karen Olivia

1975 SCOTT, Thelma

1975 BRAWNER, Barbara Denise

1975 Tolliver, Barbara HAWKINS

1976 HARRIS, Marchelle C.

1976 HODGE, Kim P.

1977 Genell, Barbara R. TALLEY

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