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Basic membership including the newsletter is $25.00 per year. Annual renewal reminders are sent with the newsletter.

Membership Categories:

Annual: $25.00

Friend: $50.00

Patron: $75.00

Sponsor: $125.00

Life Member: (one time payment) $250.00 

Benefactor: $300.00 or more.

Mail payments to: 7332 North Arlington Station, Arlington, VA 22207.

We also encourage donations to cover the cost of mailings and maintenance of our database. We greatly appreciate this assistance. Dues and contributions are tax deductible for Federal income tax purposes to the full extent allowed by law.

 The Western High School
Alumni Association

The alumni association considers all who attended Western to be alumni. Class Year is the year your class graduated, whether you did or not.

 If you attended Western High School, please sign in to let us know you have found our site. If you are not a member, we will send a complimentary copy of the Newsletter and information on how you can become a member of the association. If you are trying to find Western alumni, use the form on our Contact page to send a message to our Membership Committee, who will respond to your message The registration form below is for new contacts and for current members to update their information.

None of the information sent to the association is ever used for commercial or marketing purposes. Remember: The association does not publish or release addresses of members.

(You should receive a confirmation page after you submit your form but if your browser does not handle our forms properly please send us e-mail at alumni@westernhighschool-dc.org .

Association Registration Form

Please fill in all fields. If a field is not applicable enter "N/A" or "none".

Alumni Information

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Alumni Lost Contact Information

Please provide information of someone who will always know where you are. One day you will move, will forget to tell us, and your mail will come back "Not Fowardable". We need a contact to find you again. FOR SECURITY REASONS, WE NEVER USE CONTACT INFORMATION FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE .

Contact's Relationship to You

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