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Listed below are the avenues for contacting the alumni association at the present time. Did others in your family, or any of your friends, attend Western? We are trying to locate everyone and your help would be greatly appreciated.


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The Western High School Alumni Association

7332 North Arlington Station

Arlington, VA 22207

Become a dues paying member!

Click here for the application form.
Print it out.
Fill in your info.
Send it in with your check.

Searching for a Western High graduate? Do we have your information?

Send an email to

If you are searching for alumni please include as much of their class, name and address as you can in the form below. If you seek other information, please also use the form below. Include your name and the e-mail or street address to which you would like the reply sent. Thank you.

(You should receive a confirmation page after you submit your form. But if your browser does not handle our forms properly please send us e-mail at

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