Eleanor Bush Chucker



Eleanor Bush Chucker, '51 died September 3, 2005 after along battle with cancer.

Ellie was a very gracious lady whose warmth and caring reached out to engulf all who knew her.

After leaving Western she graduated from George Washington University and went on to work for the probation office of the US District Court in Washington, D.C. Later she worked for the Montgomery Office of Consumers Affairs. She thrived working with the public. She was a "people person."


In the late eighties, at a small (3 people) gathering, after a year of continuous meetings, I declared, in a rash moment, that the Western Ellington Alumni Association now existed. After that meeting I worried all the way home and did not sleep that night. What had I done! I need not have worried at all for Ellie soon climbed on board with all her enthusiasm, humor, and extensive talents and immediately took a strong role in shaping WEAA.


She was the driving force behind each event we have sponsored, giving countless hours of her time and bundles of her endless energy. Most of you have talked with her at one time or another. She became our own "Tracer of Lost Persons" and generously imparted her tricks of the trade to anyone who needed help with a reunion. Due to her efforts our database grew from a handful to over 14 thousand alumni and teachers. She loved the "Golden Graduate Reunions" and was profoundly proud of the Veterans' Memorial plaque. In short WEAA would not have grown without her. She was ready to take on any project for her school or its people. She continued to have a deep sense of loyalty and love for that magical place that wrote such an important chapter in ours lives.

During her illness she displayed her courage, her practicality, her devotion to her family and her great faith, radiating a warmth and serenity to all around her.

A classmate reminded me of a quote that was on a plaque on the wall in the Western High School Library years ago. It was made in the 1890's honoring a favorite and respected teacher and it seems truly appropriate here. "To live in the hearts if those we leave behind is not to die.


The "Western Ellington Family" wishes to send our sympathy and love to her husband Frank and daughter Beth. Thank you for sharing this gallant lady with us.


With deep affection, Karen Zehner Lucas, '51